HIDIVE Licenses Immoral Guild, Eternal Boys, Kin-iro Mosaic Film & Special

eternal boys wide key visual
© Manpuro/​Eternal Boys Project

HIDIVE has announced that it has licensed two anime series from the Fall 2022 anime season: Immoral Guild and Eternal Boys. The streaming platform also announced that it will release Kin-iro Mosaic! Pretty Days OVA special and Kin-iro Mosaic: Thank You!! film. 

All 12 English subbed episodes of Immoral Guild (also known as Futoku no Guild) will be available for streaming on HIDIVE  on February 18, 2023. Bilibili has streamed the series in Southeast Asia and describes the story as: 

This is the youth I want? The young hunter with the most kills in the guild is Kikuru. He spent his entire childhood honing his hunting skills, and now all he wanted was to quit his job and turn back the clock to his younger years! Training his successor is Kikuru’s top priority because he wants to retire as soon as possible! But for some reason, nothing but immorality has taken place under his cunning new guard! How will the youth of Kikuru grow? The newcomers’ training in Kikuru’s immorality has begun!

futoku no guild teaser visual
©河添太一/SQUARE ENIX・「不徳のギルド」製作委員会

Meanwhile, the mature male idol anime Eternal Boys will be released starting on March 19, 2023. Fuji Creative Corporation describes the anime as: 

“The Mature Idol Project”

The latest project proposed by Manpuku Entertainment Productions, in a bid to revive the company. Experienced in the successes and failures of the business world, 6 middle-aged men now face the many hurdles of age and physical ability, whilst pursuing their goal to become idols.

In an effort to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, and that you can still learn to shine no matter your age, these middle-aged men, at the end of their ropes, are taking a stand!

eternal boys wide key visual
© Manpuro/​Eternal Boys Project

For Kin-iro Mosaic! (KINMOZA) fans, the Pretty Days OVA and Thank You!! will both be released on February 13, 2023. 

HIDIVE describes Kin-iro Mosaic! Pretty Days as: 

Shinobu has to write a script and make costumes for a school play, and it’s a lot of work for one person. Fortunately for Shinobu’s theatrical future, Alice, Yoko, and Aya are glad to pitch in, and that allows for a chance to reflect on their experiences in the days before Alice arrived. Will everything be finished in time, or will the audience be in stitches because of the ones coming apart onstage? 

kin-iro mosaic thank you anime film visual
© 原悠衣・​芳文社/​劇場版きんいろモザイクThank you!!製作委員会

HIDIVE also describes Kin-iro Mosaic: Thank You!! as: 

Alice, Shinobu, Aya, and Yoko have truly become the best of friends, but since it’s their last year, they must split their time between preparing for the big senior trip to Nara and Kyoto and trying to make plans for whatever is to come next in their lives… and in Shinobu’s case, that may mean something so amazing that she’d never even dared to dream it! 

Source: press release 

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