Buddy Daddies Reveals New PV Trailer After 6th Episode

buddy daddies trailer rei and miri feature image

A third PV trailer has been released for the currently airing Buddy Daddies action-comedy anime series. The new trailer was released shortly after the broadcast of the anime’s sixth episode on February 11, 2023. 

The trailer features previous scenes from the anime’s first six episodes, as well as snippets from upcoming episodes.

The main voice cast includes Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kazuki, Kouki Uchiyama as Rei, Hina Kino as Miri, and Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kyuutarou Kugi. 

The anime production team consists of Yoshiyuki Asai (The Day I Became a God, Fate/Apocrypha) as director, Katsumi Enami (Baccano! illustrator, The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki character illustrator) as original character designer, Nitroplus’ Vio Shimokura (You, Me, and Her: A Love Story scenario writer) as story draft writer, Yuuko Kakihara (The Aquatope on White Sand) and Shimokura as series screenwriters, and Round Table’s Katsutoshi Kitagawa as music composer. P.A.Works is in charge of the animation production.

Other staff members include Hiyori Denforword Akishino (Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie co-gun designer) as gun designer, Kaori Ishii (Heroines Run the Show) as costume designer, Miho Sugiura (Princess Principal Crown Handler) as art director, Naomi Nakano (Chainsaw Man) as color designer, and Teruyuki Kawase (Shaman King) as photography director.

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Crunchyroll is streaming the anime worldwide, except in Japan, and describes the synopsis as: 

Two assassin partners who never let their target get away somehow end up taking in a four-year-old girl. The hot and cool buddies start a family life with this cute, innocent girl.

These assassins can handle any job with no problem, and yet, they find themselves struggling with this little girl. From feeding her to playing with her to taking her to and from nursery school, they’re always rushing around. But no matter how crazy their life is, when they have a job, they can’t turn it down. To further complicate things, the girl happens to be the secret love child of a heinous mafioso that they killed!

Is it really possible to live as assassins and parents at the same time? Can this temporary family find happiness?

Source: Buddy Daddies Official Anime Twitter 

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