Neighbor Metaverse Studios Collaborates with Netflix to Release Junji Ito Fortnite Space

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© Junji Ito, Neighbor Metaverse Studios/Netflix

Neighbor Metaverse Studios has released a customized Junji Ito Fortnite virtual space to promote Netflix’s Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre anime series. Fortnite fans can visit and play around in five customized in-game maps, inspired by the stories covered in Junji Ito’s manga and anime.

The Junji Ito Fortnite spaces will need to enter the special map code 9800-8851-4190 through the main menu for general access. The game should then be launched from the Discover tab in the in-game lobby. 

A trailer showcasing the new space has been released by Neighbor Metaverse Studios on their YouTube channel. 

The special Junji Ito Fortnite maps features several visuals from “Hanging Balloon,” “Tomie Photo,” “Soichi’s Beloved Pet,” “Tomb Town,” and “Headless Statue.” Players can roam around in these customized virtual spaces with various skins. Some of the maps feature a rain-blasted haunted house, run-down school, and a creepy urban setting. 

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  • junji ito fortnite old house in trees
  • junji ito fortnite space guy shooting floating head

The Junji Ito Fortnite is commissioned by Netflix and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Fortnite’s developer and publishing company Epic Games. 

Fortnite is currently available on Android and iOS devices, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, among other platforms. 

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre first premiered on Netflix on January 19, 2023. It ran for 12 episodes in total and is produced by Studio Deen

Netflix describes the anime anthology series as: 

From Ito’s wealth of works, 20 outstanding stories with the shared theme of madness will be animated: The Strange Hikizuri Siblings, The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel, Ice Cream Bus, Hanging Balloon, Four x Four Walls, The Sandman’s Lair, Intruder, Long Hair in the Attic, Mold, Library Vision, Tomb Town, Layers of Terror, The Thing that Drifted Ashore, Tomie・Photo, Unendurable Labyrinth, The Bully, Alley, Headless Statue, Whispering Woman, and Soichi’s Beloved Pet.

Source: Neighbor Metaverse Studios Official YouTube Channel, Netflix Anime 

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