hololive’s Amelia Watson Releases First Original Single “ChikuTaku”

ChikuTaku by Amelia Watson
©Cover, 2016

Amelia Watson of “hololive English -Myth-” has released her very first original song “ChikuTaku” with an accompanying music video.

ChickuTaku will be accompanied by a game of the same name, which is scheduled to be released soon.

The music video is reminiscent of the game “Rhythm Heaven”, with animation loops of Ame throwing tennis balls, clocks ticking, and Ame weaving through and jumping over obstacles syncing to parts of the song. 

Many fan favorite variants of the detective such as Smol Ame, Ame Bee, and Chef Buffson make an appearance. A few of Ame’s other 3D outfits can also be spotted during the video.

The lyrics pull from Ame’s lore, with reference to time travel and being a detective. Prominent motifs in Ame’s content such as her pocket watch, the deserted bus stop, Bubba the dog, and the Investigators make appearances in the music video.

Other members of -Myth- can be spotted in the background of each setting Ame visits in her time traveling adventure.

©Cover, 2016

The composition, arrangement, and mix for “ChikuTaku” was done by WUNDER RiKU.

The art and animation for the music video was provided by frequent collaborator SeafoamBoy, OBLIVIOUS and ronin. The latter also contributed the album art.

CenTdemeern1 is credited for developing the game, with Logo and UI attributed to Spiritsnare.

Source: Watson Amelia Ch.

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