New Wave of “HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-” VTubers Announced

HOLOSTARS English -Tempus- New Members
Ⓒ 2016 COVER Corp

COVER Corporation announced the debut of four new members to “HOLOSTARS English -TEPMUS-”. Gavis Bettel, Machina X Flayon, Banzoin Hakka, and Josuiji Shinri are set to debut on January 7, starting from 7PM PST. 

During their post-debut collaboration stream, the talents will premier their first original group song, “Always Tied”. 

Ⓒ 2016 COVER Corp.

Gavis Bettel

©COVER, 2016

Gavis Bettel is the jester of the Adventurer’s Guild, and is described as:

Visited Xenokuni in the past to learn its traditional performing arts, and used that experience to draw up and lead the expedition into the land eventually.

Currently performs in the combat arena, but is planning to take his talents global someday.
His diverse clientele has given him an undeniably keen eye for aesthetics,
and he can sometimes be a wise guy who goes straight for the jugular.

Illustrator: Makoto Senzaki

Debut: 7 PM to 8 PM PST

YouTube Channel, Twitter

Machina X Flayon

©COVER, 2016

Machina X Flayon is the pilot of the Adventurer’s Guild, and is described as:

A real prodigy who can instantly grasp the piloting mechanism of any form of transport.

As a result of skipping many steps in his education, he is at times unable to maintain a conversation and can be misunderstood.

He is frequently seen as haughty and arrogant, usually when he’s muttering pointed remarks under his breath.

Illustrator: SHOKUEN

Debut: 8 PM to 9 PM PST

YouTube Channel, Twitter

Banzoin Hakka

©COVER, 2016

Banzoin Hakka is the exorcist of the Adventurer’s Guild and is described as:

Dual wielding spears, he is the latest of a long line of exorcists who have defended Xenokuni from the evils of the world. He fights not only out of a sense of duty, but also because he feels a special kind of excitement when on the frontlines.

Unfortunately, his right hand is being eroded by the scourge of Records Corruption.

Has inherited Karasutengu data, and thus possesses otherworldly leaping ability and endurance.

Joined TEMPUS after the battle in Xenokuni.

Illustrator: airumu

Debut: 9 PM to 10 PM PST

YouTube Channel, Twitter

Josuiji Shinri

©COVER, 2016

Sosuiji Shinri is a ronin who is part of the Adventurer’s Guild and is described as:

Has the appearance of a wandering samurai, but was widely renowned as a master of the longbow.

So famed was his prowess, they would say he could use anything as an arrow and yet never fail to hit his mark.

He went into isolation for a while, lamenting the futility of war, but took up his bow and arrow once again after witnessing the young men fighting a pack of Corruption Beasts.

Illustrator: Nitaka

Debut: 10 PM to 11 PM PST

YouTube Channel, Twitter

By joining “HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-”, all four of the new talents will share the same unit as existing HOLOSTARS English talents Regis Altare, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, and Noir Vesper. The unit formed in July 2022.

Source: COVER Corperation

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