3rd MF Ghost Trailer Released with Main Visual, More Cast Info


The MF Ghost car racing anime has received its third trailer, which reveals footage of its characters in addition to more racing shots. A character-centric main visual was also released. 

Additionally, it was announced that Yuuma Uchida and Ayane Sakura are voicing the lead characters Kanata Katagiri/Kanata Rivington and Ren Saionji respectively. On the staff side, newly revealed names include STUDIO uni’s Seiko Akashi (Duel Masters WIN) as art director, Chiharu Tanaka (Aharensan wa Hakarenai) as color designer, and Color&Smile’s Kouji Hayashi (Love Flops) as photography director.

Some of the other cast members include Daisuke Ono as Shun Aiba, Hiroshi Kamiya as Mikhail Beckenbauer, Daisuke Namikawa as Daigo Oishi, and Junichiro Suwabe as Kaito Akaba. Initial D fans can also expect the return of voice actors like Yasunori Matsumoto as Wataru Akiyama, Tomokazu Seki as Keisuke Takahashi, Mitsuo Iwata as Itsuki Takeuchi, Kazuki Yao as Koichiro Iketani, and Wataru Takagi as Kenji.

MF Ghost will premiere sometime this year in Japan. The show is based on the Kodansha-published manga by Initial D‘s Shuuichi Shigeno, which began in 2017 and has 15 tankoubon volumes as of September 2022. The series is serialized in Weekly Young Magazine and published under the Yanmaga KC Special label.

The story takes place in the 2020s of Initial D‘s world, where self-driving cars are common in Japan. During this time, a race known as MFG has been gaining popularity across the world. Kanata Rivington, a graduate of a British racing school, returns to Japan to achieve a certain goal. 


Tomohito Naka (New Initial D the Movie Legend 3: Dream, New Initial D the Movie Legend 2: Racer) is directing the anime adaptation with Kenichi Yamashita (Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie?) as series composer, Yamashita and Akihiko Inari (Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy) as scriptwriters, and Naoyuki Onda (Inuyashiki) as character designer and one of the chief animation directors. Other staff include Chiyoko Sakamoto (Otherside Picnic) as chief animation director, Hiroki Uchida (Salaryman’s Club 3DCG director) as 3D director, and Akio Dobashi (New Initial D the Movie Legend trilogy) as music composer. Felix Film is the animation production company and shares 3D animation production credits with directrain.

Source: @mfg_anime

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