“TOHO animation Music Films” Project Announced, Features 5 Short Films from Different Creators

Image source: @TOHOanimation

TOHO animation has revealed a new 10th anniversary project called “TOHO animation Music Films.” The initiative involves five short films created by various anime and music creator pairings that will be released in spring 2023.

The respective pairings for these short animations are:

Namiko Ishidate (Our Little Pond, Mirai no Watashi McDonald’s ad character designer) and Ryokuoushoku Shakai on a currently untitled short

Mizuki Ito (Attack on Titan Final Season animation director) and Hentai Shinshi Club on “Semi”

China (“Sore wo Ai to Yobu dake,” The Heike Story Episode 3) and CreepHyp on “Rin to”

loundraw (Summer Ghost, Futaribun no Shoumei) and BUMP OF CHICKEN on “Tentai Kansoku”

Tetsurou Araki (Attack on Titan, Death Note) and SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Hata Motohiro on “COLORs”

Visuals for the respective shorts have been released. The credits on the visuals reveal that TOHO animation STUDIO is producing “Rin to,” while FLAT STUDIO and WIT Studio are producing “Tentai Kansoku” and “COLORs” respectively. The “COLORs” visual also lists Mai Yoneyama (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners ending animation director et al.) as the character designer.

Sources: @TOHOanimation, Comic Natalie

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