My One-Hit Kill Sister Releases 3 Character Trailers

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The My One-Hit Kill Sister anime adaptation has received trailers for the characters Asahi Ikusaba (Yuuki Sakakihara), Maya Ikusaba (Haruka Shiraishi), and Kilmaria (Ami Koshimizu). 

It was also announced that TrySail‘s “Karei One Turn” will be the opening song for the anime.

My One-Hit Kill Sister is set to premiere in 2023 with Crunchyroll streaming outside Japan. The show is based on the Shogakukan-published manga written by Konoe and illustrated by Kenji Taguchi, which began in 2020 and will release its ninth tankoubon volume on January 12, 2023. The manga, which is serialized on Sunday Webry and published under the Shonen Sunday Comics label, is based on Konoe’s Shousetsuka ni Narou web novel that began in 2019.

The premise of My One-Hit Kill Sister involves the boy Asahi ending up in another world after an accident. He tries to enjoy this new world, but discovers that he is horribly weak. On the other hand. his brocon sister Maya, who was reborn in the same world after striking her head while chasing Asahi, possesses the strongest ability of this world.

The staff of the anime includes Hiroaki Takagi (Love After World DominationKomi Can’t Communicate, and Orient episode director and storyboarder)as director, Ryouhei Kashii (Battle Athletes Victory ReSTART!) as series composer and Yuuji Hamada (The Gymnastics Samurai animation director, Kase-san co-prop designer) as character designer, Kenichi Kurata (Aharensan wa Hakarenai) as art director, Atsushi Tamura (The Dawn of the Witch) as photography director, and Ryouta Katsuta (I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills) and Maki Yamamoto (I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills) as color designers. Gekkou is producing the show.

Source: My One-Hit Kill Sister website

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