One Piece Santa Uta Christmas Animation Released

Image source: @OPcom_info

The previously announced One Piece Christmas end card animation featuring Uta has been released online. The video features a first-person view of One Piece Film Red‘s Uta, clad in a Santa costume, appearing from behind a snowman and falling face-first into the snow while delivering a Christmas greeting to viewers.

After introducing herself and reminding viewers to not catch a cold, Uta hears the sound of bells jingling in the night sky and looks up expecting to see Santa, only to be greeted with the sight of Chopper and Kureha.

The Santa Uta Christmas animation was featured as the end card for December 25’s One Piece episode. It is also being shown on screens in Tokyo and Osaka from December 19 to 25 at certain timings. Megumi Ishitani (One Piece Episodes 957, 982, and 1015; “Where the Wind Blows” music video) directed the animation with key animation from Takashi Kojima (Mob Psycho Season 3, Overwatch 2 Kiriko Short Animation “Protector” character designer and animation director),

Uta, voiced by Kaori Nazuka and Ado (singing parts), was first introduced in the highly successful One Piece Film Red movie that premiered in Japan on August 6. She previously appeared in a Halloween end card as well.

Source: @OPcom_info

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