VTuber Rita Kamishiro Named NAMI Ambassador

Rita Kamishiro NAMI Ambassador
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VTuber Rita Kamishiro of PRISM Project has been appointed as a virtual creator ambassador with the US-based NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness.

NAMI describes its ambassadors as “influencers in the entertainment industry, sports, literature, music and the arts. They are powerful partners who educate, advocate, and fundraise, using their platforms and personality to help expand a national mental health movement that builds better lives.”

Rita raised over US$10,000 for Nami during her first charity livestream in May, and an additional US$4000 in a later stream that took place in October during Mental Illness Awareness Week.

“Through my platform, I want to encourage others to be everyday heroes not only for their community and loved ones, but for themselves as well. I hope that by sharing my experiences and nurturing a positive, open-minded community, others will feel empowered to inspire change around them. Becoming a NAMI ambassador is my commitment to giving back the kindness, patience, and grace that others have shown me in my life,” said Rita in an official press release.

Source: press release

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