Buddy Daddies Previews The Unsmiling Rei Suwa

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Buddy Daddies has received a character trailer for its second lead assassin Rei Suwa, who is described as a man who doesn’t know love.

Buddy Daddies is an original anime that revolves around two co-habitating assassins, Kuzuki Kurusu and Rei, who end up with the daughter of a mafia boss-slash-human trafficking broker. It is set to premiere on January 6 (effectively January 7 at 12 AM JST) in Japan. The cast for the main trio includes Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kazuki, Kouki Uchiyama as Rei, and Hina Kino as Miri Unasaka.

The staff includes Yoshiyuki Asai (The Day I Became a GodFate/Apocrypha) as director, Katsumi Enami (Baccano! illustrator, The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki character illustrator) as original character designer, Nitroplus’ Vio Shimokura (You, Me, and Her: A Love Story scenario writer) as story draft writer, Yuko Kakihara (The Aquatope on White Sand) and Shimokura as series composers, and Round Table’s Katsutoshi Kitagawa as music composer. P.A.Works is the animation production company.

Other staff include Hiyori Denforword Akishino (Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie co-gun designer) as gun designer, Kaori Ishii (Heroines Run the Show) as costume designer, Miho Sugiura (Princess Principal Crown Handler) as art director, Naomi Nakano (Chainsaw Man) as color designer, and Teruyuki Kawase (Shaman King) as photography director.

Source: Aniplex YouTube channel

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