Lost Footage Recovered of American Animated Saint Seiya Series

guardians of the cosmos intro feature image
© Ray Mona, Toei Animation/Renaissance Atlantic

Canadian lost media YouTuber Ray Mona has posted the opening animation sequence of an American-animated Saint Seiya television series on her YouTube channel. The proposed Americanized cartoon would have been based on Masami Kurumada’s manga and retitled Guardians of the Cosmos

Much like the long-lost live-action American Sailor Moon television series, a pilot for a potential series was conceived in the 1990s, but ultimately scrapped and sent away to the Library of Congress. 

Ray Mona obtained the footage for the American Saint Seiya series from there after receiving permissions from former Bandai America president Frank Ward, who helped provide her with footage of the live-action Sailor Moon pilot. The Guardians of the Cosmos footage was bundled along with the Sailor Moon materials.

The full documentary concerns the search for the entire pilot of StarStorm — a proposed live-action American adaptation of the Saint Seiya series. Only 20 seconds of footage from the pilot was released. Much like the live-action Sailor Moon pilot, it was created and produced by Renaissance Atlantic, who helped produce the Power Rangers franchise. 

Coincidentally, Toei Animation and Hong Kong-based A Really Good Film Company most recently announced the 2023 premiere of Knights of the Zodiac — a live-action adaptation of the Saint Seiya manga series. 

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll also announced that the 3D CG anime series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac will be receiving a third season and will stream on its digital platform. The first season was released on Netflix, with Crunchyroll later streaming the second season. 

Source: Ray Mona YouTube Channel 

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