NIJISANJI and hololive Collaborate to Combat Slander and Defamation

©COVER, 2016

On December 5, COVER Corporation of hololive production and ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI released a joint statement detailing a cooperative effort to combat slander and defamation. 

The statement discusses how acts of defamation are being anonymously carried out via internet forums and social media, and how such actions have harmed the emotions and mental state of talents across both agencies. 

Until now, both agencies have strived to protect their talents via public awareness campaigns and other strategies. Going forward, they intend to extend their countermeasures through cooperating with other companies to “eradicate acts of defamation.”

The agencies intend to share information regarding countermeasures to combat infringement of privacy rights, “trolling,” death threats, and stalking among other ongoing issues. They also intend to cooperate in taking legal actions, and aim to structure a system where they can work together with the police and other companies.

The statement also notes action against “summary sites,” which infringe on the talents’ rights, over the months of October and November.

Source: COVER Corporation, ANYCOLOR Inc.

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