Crunchyroll Announces New 2023 Anime Licenses At CCXP 2022 in Brazil

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Crunchyroll has announced its latest major anime license acquisitions at the Novidades da Plataforma panel in Brazil’s CCXP 2022 event. The eight newly licensed anime will all premiere on the streaming platform in 2023. Four anime series will debut in January 2023 while three anime will be released in April 2023.  

Here are the full details of each new Crunchyroll release: 

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Season 2January 2023

The anime is based on the light novel series written by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin. The first season aired from January 8, 2020 to March 25, 2020 and was streamed by Funimation. A manga adaptation was also launched by Jirou Oimoto on May 26, 2018. Yen Press releases both the light novels and manga series in English for North America. Silver Link is handling the anime production for the second season. 

Funimation describes the series as: 

She may be new to gaming, but Maple has found the secret to invincibility! Just put all your skill points into defense until you can’t even move. That works, right? She doesn’t want to experience any pain in the VRMMO game she started playing, and somehow it works better than anyone expected. Now she’s got followers??

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion April 2023

The anime series is based on a Korean web novel written by Milcha and adapted into a webtoon illustrated by Whale. The manhwa webtoon ran from September 3, 2017 to March 22, 2021 and released seven total volumes as of January 2022. It is published digitally in English by Tappytoon and physically by Yen Press. Typhoon Graphics is in charge of the animation production.  

Crunchyroll describes the series as: 

After a mysterious death, Park Eunha enters the world of a novel. She is revived as a minor character, Raeliana McMillan, who is to be poisoned to death by her own betrothed. In order to break up with her dangerous fiancé, she offers a surreptitious deal to the male protagonist of the novel, Noah Wynknight, but winds up romantically with other men that are not part of the plan.

Noah Wynknight, of inescapable but suspicious charm; honest Justin Shamal who loves only one person; or Adam Taylor for whom you have a soft spot for no reason whenever you see him. Will Raeliana successfully get out of this crisis and create a new ending for herself? Who will be the one that will join Raeliana in her new ending?

Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army January 2023 

The anime is based on the light novels written by Rokujuyon Okazawa and illustrated by sage•joh, as well as the manga adaptation by Rurekuchie. The light novels were first published on August 2, 2019 and released three physical volumes. The manga adaptation was first launched on August 6, 2019 and released eight tankoubon volumes so far. Encourage Films is the animation production company for the anime series. 

Crunchyroll News describes the story as: 

Dariel, a dark soldier in the demon king’s army who cannot use magic, has risen to the position of assistant to the Four Generals with his talent and energy, and has been wielding his skill. However, as soon as the Four Generals are replaced, Dariel is fired from the army. Dariel is devastated, but when he arrives in a human village, he finds that his adventuring skills, which are supposed to be useless to demons, have blossomed! “I was… human?” Dariel decides to spend his second life in this village, and the requests start pouring in! Trouble! False charge! Duel! With his natural skills and the adjusting power that he developed in his old place, the former dark soldier solves them all!

My Home Hero April 2023 

The psychological thriller anime series is based on the manga of the same name written by Naoki Yamakawa (I’m Standing on a Million Lives) and illustrated by Masashi Asaki. It was first launched in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine on May 29, 2017. 18 tankoubon volumes have been released as of October 2022. Tezuka Productions is in charge of the animation production. 

Anime News Network describes the synopsis as: 

The story centers on a salaryman who has a reliable wife and a daughter in university who can sometimes act a bit rebellious, but has a happy life in his own way. Until one day he finds out his daughter has been beaten, and thus begins his journey into a dangerous world to protect his family.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen -Chaos in Urbanrama- January 2023

The third season of the exciting Sorcerous Stabber Orphen series continues the journey of Orphen that will change the fate of the world. The anime is a continuation of the 2020 remake of the anime of the same name from 1998. 

The series is based on the light novels written by Yoshinobu Akita and illustrated by Yuuya Kusaka that ran from May 1994 to September 2003. 20 volumes were released by Fujimi Shobo in total and J-Novel Club publishes the series digitally in English. Studio Deen is handling the animation production once again, after working on the previous seasons. 

J-Novel Club describes the story as: 

Orphen is a Sorcerer drop-out from the prestigious Tower of Fangs. His journey to save Azalie, a girl he looked up to like a sister, has brought him to the bustling city of Totokanta. Here they are reunited for the first time in five years. But what is the truth behind her monstrous transformation, and just what secrets lurk behind the Sword of Baldanders…?

A Galaxy Next Door April 2023

The anime is based on a manga series by Gido Amagakure, which was first launched in Kodansha’s Good Afternoon magazine on April 7, 2020. Five tankoubon volumes have been released in total as of November 2022. Kodansha USA releases the manga in English and Asahi Production is in charge of the animation production. 

Crunchyroll describes the series as: 

Ever since their father died, Ichirou Kuga has struggled to support his two younger siblings on nothing but a small inheritance and his passion for drawing manga. But it’s becoming harder to keep up with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, especially after his last two assistants quit to follow their dreams.

Just as he’s nearing his breaking point, the beautiful and scarily competent Shiori Goshiki applies to become his new assistant. But there’s something almost otherworldly about Goshiki, and soon Kuga finds his reality turned upside down when she suddenly declares them engaged to marry!

The Fire Hunter January 2023

Also known as Hikari no Ou, the anime is based on a noble series written by Rieko Hinata and illustrated by Akihiro Yamada. Four physical volumes were published from December 20, 2018 to September 3, 2020. Signal.MD is handling the animation production. 

Crunchyroll describes the synopsis of the anime as: 

Outside the magical barriers lies a world overrun by fiery beasts known as Flame Demons, and the only ones who can protect humanity are the Fire Hunters. In the dark woods where the beasts roam is where Toko, a young villager, is rescued from attack by one of these skilled trackers, Koshi. But their meeting was no accident, and a new destiny begins.

My Clueless First Friend — 2023

The anime is based on the manga series by Taku Kawamura, which was first published in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker magazine on May 22, 2018. 13 tankoubon volumes have been released as of November 2022. 

Square Enix Manga & Books has licensed the manga for an English release in North America. It has also been released on Square Enix’s Manga UP! online platform since July 2022. Studio Signpost is the main animation production company in charge of the series. 

The series is described by Square Enix Manga & Books as: 

Opposites attract when a cheerful airhead meets the resident wallflower of his new class in this heartwarming, slice-of-life school comedy series!

One lonely, gloomy fifth-grade girl is the target of her classmates’ relentless bullying and teasing—that is, until a new kid arrives on the scene. Friendly Takada is as clueless as he is well-meaning, but somehow he possesses the magic ability to start drawing “Grim Reaper” Nishimura out of her shell. As the elementary schoolers experience all the fun of a childhood summer together—from going to the pool to picking sunflowers to watching fireworks—an unusual friendship blossoms!

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