Pole Princess!! Original Anime Announced


A new original anime titled Pole Princess!! has been announced with a trailer and visual. Tatsunoko Production is producing the show.

The trailer includes a preview of the theme song “Starlight challenge,” performed by main cast members Rio Tsuchiya, Anna Suzuki, Yui Ogura, and Minami Hinata as their respective characters Hinano Hoshikita, Lilia Saijo, Mio Tosaka, and Subaru Nanyo.

Pole Princess!!‘s staff includes Hitomi Ezoe (Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden 2: Shukumei, Soutou no Fuuma assistant director) as director, Touko Machida (I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills series composer) as scriptwriter, Yoshihiro Otobe (Waccha PriMagi!) as CG Director, illustrator Tomari as original character designer, Kenta Higashiohji (Build Divide co-composer) as music composer, and STUDIO TRANSFORM’s KAORI as pole dance supervisor. Avex Pictures and Tatsunoko Production are credited with the project’s creation.

The story of Pole Princess!! sees 17-year old Hinano trying to save her grandmother’s planetarium from closing down. When Hinano happens to see someone beautifully pole-dancing under a starry sky, the impact of the experience leads to her gathering her childhood friends Lilia, Mio, and Subaru with the intention of becoming pole-dancers and performing in the planetarium. 


Source: Pole Princess!! website

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