Yomawari Neko Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

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Kahoru Fukaya‘s Yomawari Neko manga series, which released its ninth tankoubon volume on November 22 JST, is getting a TV anime adaptation.

Copyright©2008-2022 Kodansha Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Yomawari Neko‘s premise involves a cat who is drawn to the scent of tears and appears every night to give encouragement to those who are crying. The 8-koma manga won the 21st Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for short-form work.

The manga began as a Twitter comic in 2015 and started to be published by Kadokawa in 2016. Kodansha later became Yomawari Neko‘s publisher, and the first tankoubon volume was republished under the Wide KC label on March 23, 2017. The second tankoubon volume was also released on the same date.

The manga was serialized on the Morning website until October 17, 2022, with chapters now being released on Comic Days. A spin-off subtitled Izakaya Wakaru began in February 2022.

Source: @morningmanga

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