Gundam Evolution Will Add Amuro’s Nu Gundam in Season 2

Source: Gundam Evolution YouTube channel

Amuro Ray’s Nu Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack movie will be introduced to Gundam Evolution during the hero shooter’s second season, Mobius.

As detailed in a Season 2 Mission Briefing video, the 1,200 health Nu Gundam is equipped with a mid-range beam rifle that can aim down sights. The mobile suit’s first skill is the Fin Funnel, which sends out two funnels to attack the targeted enemy at its most basic level. However, more funnels can be sent out by dealing damage with other attacks prior to using the skill. Players can mark enemies up to two times, with each mark requiring two hits, to unleash six funnels.

The Nu Gundam’s second skill, the New Hyper Bazooka, allows the mobile suit to move in a direction while blasting an enemy. Finally, its G Maneuver, the Fin Funnel Barrier, provides it with a multi-directional anti-ranged barrier that has 2,400 hit points. Enemies can enter the barrier to do damage to the Nu Gundam. 

The Mission Briefing video also previews a new map that takes place in the city of a space colony. The first phase will feature combat in an urban environment, while the second phase will move the action to an underground area with moving containers for cover. Some of the bomb sites will have shutters that alternate between a closed and open state to provide changing cover and line-of-sight modifications mid-battle.

Aside from the new mobile suit and map, there will expectedly be new items for Gundam Evolution, with the video promising “tons of items” from Char’s Counterattack. There will be a Mobius pack that includes the Nu Gundam, the Another Code weapon skin, and a Char’s Counterattack Amuro Ray portrait for 1,980 EC as well.

Elsewhere, improvements are promised for custom matches and ranked play, while a new function called Titles will be introduced. Titles are described as being similar to icons and portraits in the sense that they are meant to be displayed and shown off to other players, but they will be given out based on players’ battle records. The PC version of Gundam Evolution is also getting spectator mode ahead of consoles (the console launch of the game is set for November 30).

Source: Gundam Evolution YouTube channel

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