Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delays Episodes Following Staff Death (Update)

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Update: A replacement schedule for the November 14 to December 26 period has been released. The first Golden Kamuy OAD will air on November 14, while the subsequent weeks will see Episodes 37 to 42 being re-aired.

Original: Some of Golden Kamuy Season 4’s episodes will be postponed following the passing of a main staff member. The announcement post on the anime’s website wrote that the staff member passed away on November 1 and described them as an “indispensable” part of the production.

The delayed episodes are Episodes 43 to 49 (Episodes 7 to 13 of Season 4). Their release dates are currently being deliberated on.

Discussions are also being held for the release dates of Golden Kamuy Season 4’s Blu-ray and DVDs. Currently, the three sets are scheduled for January 27, March 1, and March 29 of 2023 respectively. 

Golden Kamuy Season 4 premiered on October 4 in Japan. Produced by Brain’s Base instead of the previous seasons’ Genos Studio, it featured many different names in its staff lineup, although the previous seasons’ Noboru Takagi and Kenichiro Suehiro returned as series composer/scriptwriter and music composer respectively. The anime is based on the Shueisha-published Golden Kamuy historical action-adventure manga by Satoru Noda, which ran from 2014 to 2022.

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