TIFFCOM Announces 2022 Lineup and Keynote Seminar

Image Source: TIFFCOM

TIFFCOM 2022 announced its lineup for the online conference scheduled for October 25-27, 2022. The online conference will feature critical notes and details on upcoming anime trends, interests, and business development. 

The keynote will feature “The potential of Games x Anime as perceived by Tencent Games” from Tencent Games Vice General Manager Joon Oh Shin. Recently, KADOKAWA has partnered with Tencent Game to explore IP generation and game creation with new content and media. 

Other seminar lineups include: 

How Crunchyroll Connects with Fans: Insight into the Anime Awards 2023 and More organized by Crunchyroll

The Latest Info of Anime Industry – based on Anime Industry Report 2022 organized by The Association of Japanese Animations

The New IP Business Starting with Webtoon organized by UNIJAPAN 

Global expansion of Animation production companies organized by The Association of Japanese Animations

Source: TIFFCOM 2022 press release

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