Duffer Brothers’ Death Note Series Gets Halia Abdel-Meguid as Writer and Executive Producer

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The upcoming new Death Note live-action series from Stranger ThingsMatt and Ross Duffer will be written and executive produced by Halia Abdel-Meguid, Deadline reported.

Abdel-Meguid has credits on the upcoming series adaptations of The Devil in the White City and The Talisman. Deadline also describes her as being “a longtime fan” of the Death Note manga and anime who previously lived in Tokyo and is fluent in Japanese.

The Shueisha-published Death Note manga series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata ran from 2003 to 2006 with 13 tankoubon volumes (including a short story collection). It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. A 37-episode TV anime adaptation ran from 2006 to 2007 with a pre-Attack on Titan Tetsurou Araki as director and Madhouse as the animation production company. 

The new live-action series is being developed under the Duffer Brothers’ new production company Upside Down Pictures. It is one of several projects (including the aforementioned The Talisman) that are part of the Duffer Brothers’ Netflix deal.

Viz Media describes the Death Note manga as: 

Light Yagami is a genius high school student who is about to learn about life through a book of death. When a bored shinigami, a God of Death, named Ryuk drops a black notepad called a Death Note, Light receives power over life and death with the stroke of a pen. Determined to use this dark gift for the best, Light sets out to rid the world of evil… namely, the people he believes to be evil. Should anyone hold such power? The consequences of Light’s actions will set the world ablaze.

The manga has also inspired live-action Japanese films, a television drama, and an American movie adaptation for Netflix (which the new series will not be related to), as well as light novels, video games, and a musical. A special one-shot was published in Jump SQ magazine on February 3, 2020. 

Source: Deadline

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