hololive production and NIJISANJI English Talents to Collaborate for First Time

Regis Altare Alban Knox Collaboration
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For the very first time, English-language talents under NIJISANJI and the hololive production banner are collaborating on stream. Alban Knox of NIJISANJI EN Noctyx is joining Regis Altare of HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- for a Terraria stream.

Until now, fans have speculated that they would never see a collaboration between talents from both of these agencies.

hololive broke into the English-language scene with hololive English -Myth- in September, 2020. NIJISANJI debuted its first English-language unit, LazuLight in May, 2021. Despite talents under both the hololive production and NIJISANJI having interacted with one another via Twitter and other avenues, there have been no official collaborations since the groups have formed. In June, Takanashi Kiara surprised her audience by including Pomu Rainpuff’s bag in part of a bag review stream

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