cookpadLive cafe To Sell Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Inspired Food

cookpadLive cafe has revealed that they will hold a unique collaboration based on the upcoming Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime series from October 6 to October 30. The collaboration cafe will take place at the cookpadLive cafe in Shinsaibashisuji in Osaka and Minato City in Tokyo.

The Bleach-inspired menu includes an Ichigo Kurosaki-inspired demi cream croquette for 1,430 yen (US$9.88), an Uryu Ishida-inspired Netherlands cheese chicken roll for 1,430 yen (US$9.88), a Toshiro Hitsugaya-inspired marrow cheese pie bouchée for 1,430 yen (US$9.88), a Rukia Kuchiki -inspired snow chocolate tiramisu for 1,100 yen (US$7.60), a Byakuya Kuchiki-inspired cherry blossom chiffon inspired by for 1,100 yen (US$7.60), and a Renji Abara-inspired serpent cheesecake for 1,100 yen (US$7.60).

The menu also features soft drinks based on the series for 660 yen each, including The Blood Warfare (orange), The Last 9 Days (apple, banana, orange, peach), Wandenreich (milk, soy milk, and orange), Soul Reaper (milk), and Ichigo Kurosaki (orange, jelly, and peach).

Limited edition goods using newly drawn illustrations will also be available at cookpadLive cafe during the event. The goods include acrylic figures, acrylic key holders, can badges, coasters, and a bag full of cookies with Bleach character illustrations.

Customers will receive a random postcard or sticker for ordering from the collaboration menu.

Source: cookpadLive cafe

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