hololive English -Myth- Release Original Song “Non-Fiction”

hololive Non Fiction Illustration
©Cover, 2016

hololive English -Myth- released an original song, “Non-Fiction”, and accompanying music video to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. The single features vocal performances from Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Ninomae Ina’nis, Gawr Gura, and Watson Amelia.

The project was directed by Mori Calliope who also served as the lyricist and featured music by Elliot Hsu. Illustrator Dino provided the art for the MV which was animated by EchoMotion.

Non-Fiction is the group’s third collaborative music project alongside “Journey Like A Thousand Years” and “Myth or Treat”.

hololive English -Myth-, also known as holoMyth, is the agency’s first English language wave. The group debuted in September 2020, and featured four characters inspired by mythological creatures and a detective to investigate them. Recently, Gawr Gura released an animated lore video to celebrate her lore and 2nd anniversary. 

hololive Production is a Japanese virtual YouTuber agency owned by Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation. As of September 2022, the agency manages 71 VTuber talents across its branches hololive, hololive English, hololive Indonesia, and holostars. hololive has 65 million fans across its YouTube channels.

Source: Mori Calliope Ch.

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