Netflix To Release Onmyoji Anime Adaptation in 2023

Image source: @NetflixAnime

An anime adaptation of Baku Yumemakura‘s Onmyoji series will be released on Netflix sometime in 2023. 

The streaming platform released some promotional artwork for the upcoming adaptation, with one featuring the character design of the titular onmyoji. The other is concept art featuring a bird’s-eye view of Heian Japan.

Comic Natalie reported that Soubi Yamamoto (Meganebu!) is directing with scripts from Natsu Hashimoto (Oshiete Hokusai! The Animation) and Yuiko Katou (Aguu: Tensai Ningyou). Marvy Jack is the animation production company.

Onmyoji began publication in the 80s, with the supernatural historical series including both short stories and novels. The series follows the famous onmyoji Abe no Seimei and his partner Minamoto no Hiromasa. 18 volumes in total have been published as of 2019. A guide book was released in 2016. 

Prior to the anime adaptation, the series inspired a few manga series, a TV drama, two Japanese movies, and more. Onmyoji also inspired the NetEase-developed game of the same name, which was in turn adapted into the Chinese movie The YinYang Master, and a separate Chinese film titled The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity.

Source: @NetflixAnime

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