Synduality Anime Gets Teaser Trailer, Eight Bit Producing


A teaser trailer for the recently announced Synduality anime has been released, providing a look at the show’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, character designs, and main mech. It was also announced that Eight Bit is the animation production studio for the show.

Additionally, some information about the setting and the main characters were revealed. The Synduality anime takes place in the year 2242, twenty years after the recently announced video game of the same name. Regarding the characters, who are humanoid AI called Magus, Noir (Aoi Koga) is an amnesiac who is unusually skilled at piloting a Cradle Coffin (the setting’s mechs), while Ciel (Nagisa Aoyama) is a mysterious, song-loving Magus. Meanwhile, Schnee (M.A.O) is a refined and quiet individual who is also eccentric in speech.

The designs for the main characters and the Daisy Ogre Cradle Coffin were also released.

The Synduality anime is one part of a wider project that includes the aforementioned video game, which is a Bandai Namco-published PvPvE third-person shooter, and hobby products. The project was originally announced in August as Project Syn.

Illustrators neco and Ippei Gyoubu (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury co-mecha designer, Megalo Box Gear designer) contributed to the game’s character designs and mech designs respectively. They are also credited as the anime’s original character designer and Coffin (Cradle Coffins being the name for Synduality‘s mechs) designer respectively. 

Bandai Namco describes the Synduality game as:

SYNDUALITY is a Sci-fi Shooter set in a dystopian futuristic world where humans and AI must co-exist and cooperate to survive. The game takes place in 2222 – years after a mysterious poisonous rain called “The Tears of the New Moon” wipe out most of humanity and birthed deformed creatures that now hunt the population. Amidst the calamity, humans are forced to build an underground haven named Amasia, where they discover and begin to collaborate with forms of artificial intelligence called Magus.

Sources: EMOTION Label Channel, Synduality anime website

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