Rockin’on Group Reveals “Rhapsody” Original Anime Project

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Japanese music publishing company Rockin’on Group has revealed that it is developing an original anime project titled RhapsodyThe project was originally launched in December 2021 and will combine elements of both animated sequences and live performances. The anime is scheduled for release sometime in Summer 2023, though it is unknown if it will be a film, OVA, or television series.  

The PV trailer also introduces three new voice cast members. They will be playing members of the Tousaka family, who are heavily involved in the behind-the-scenes action of the in-universe Rhapsody music label. They will also be central characters in an upcoming voice drama titled Rhapsody Episode 0, which will tell the story of how the music label was created. 

The additional cast includes Jun Fukuyama as Junya Tousaka, Kenjirou Tsuda as Kyouji Tousaka, and Aya Endou as Akari Tousaka. 

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From L to R: Junya, Kyouji, & Akari © rockin’on/rhapsody records

In March 2022, Rockin’on Group also unveiled a music video PV trailer with the main voice cast members for Rhapsody. The project’s main theme song “I Believe” is heavily featured in it and is performed by Sing 4 Rhapsody a special unit formed by each of the in-universe bands’ vocalists. The song can currently be heard on all major music streaming sites, including Apple Music and Spotify. 

Yuuki Kodama (Hamatora and ID:INVADED) is serving as original character designer for Rhapsody while Momoko Kawai (Sabikui Bisco) is designing the anime characters.

The four bands featured in the Rhapsody anime will tell their stories through songs, live performances, vocal dramas, and animation. The bands primarily consist of:

Pink Flag

  • • Jun Suetsugu as Kazuma Mochino (vocalist/guitarist)
  • • Junta Terashima as Itsuki Mikai (guitarist)
  • • Kouhei Yanagi as Taku Kitase (bassist)
  • • Takuya Masumoto as Arata Kosegawa (drummer)

Haru no Jujika

  • • Tatsuya Sugawara as Nijirou Shisui (vocalist)
  • • Souma Saitou as Touji Tsukishima (guitarist)
  • • Hiromu Mineta as Shion Kagami (bassist)
  • • Shuuichirou Umeda as Kousei Tayou (drummer)


  • • Reon Tanie as Rakki Kokonoe (vocalist/guitarist)
  • • Haruki Asada as Souten Natsume (vocalist/guitarist)
  • • Katsuyuki Miura as Nazuna Chikarashi (keyboardist)

SOR (System Of Romance) 

  • • Yuri Yamamoto as Kinji Abiko (vocalist)
  • • Daiki Kawamoto as Ginji Abiko (DJ/composer)

Source: Project Rhapsody Official Twitter

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