Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release

Image Source: Milan Records

Milan Records announced that it will release the soundtrack from Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation. Pre-orders will open on Friday, September 16 featuring two discs and 38 tracks. There will be four different color variants. 

Image Source: Milan Records

The printed sleeves and gatefold package is illustrated by Cowboy Bebop anime character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto. The collection features newly composed soundtracks composed by Yoko Kanno and her band the SEATBELTS. The complete track list includes: 


  1. A Day in the Bebop*
  2. Kickin’ Colt
  3. A Hole to the Universe*
  4. What Planet is This??*
  5. Twilight*
  6. Weekend Ana*
  7. Julia’s Song
  8. The Adventures of Losers


  1. Rouge*
  2. Sleuthing Two*
  3. Suit and Tie*
  4. Funky Stuff
  5. Faye’s Sky Fall*
  6. Time*
  7. IKA Pod*
  8. Net Rush
  9. Headphone*
  10. Ein*
  11. Waltz in High Socks
  12. Beans Be


  1. TANK!
  2. Cat Attack Part 1
  3. Dedicated to Sergio*
  4. Woodcock
  5. Rooftop Kung Fu
  6. Milky Cheat
  7. My Bean at 5*
  8. Blood Brothers


  1. Sad End Fad*
  2. Muddy Road*
  3. Lord of the Empty
  4. Sushi Truck*
  5. Into Noir*
  6. The End of Friendship*
  7. The Fate of Three
  8. Earthland Entrance*
  9. El Rey Bar*
  10. Hello to ya Blues*

*Vinyl Exclusive Track 

Source: Milan Records

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