New Reki Kawahara Light Novel Demons’ Crest Releasing on November 10


Sword Art Online and Accel World‘s Reki Kawahara is launching a new “Mixed Reality” light novel series titled Demons’ Crest, with the first volume set to be released on November 10. 

The new series will be published under Kadokawa’s Dengeki Bunko label and features illustrations from anime character designer and light novel illustrator Yukiko Horiguchi (K-On!, Lucky Star, Kokoro Connect light novels [under the Shiromizakana pen name]). It is the first work from Kawahara to be published as a commercial product from the get-go.


Demons’ Crest takes place in 2031 and follows a sixth-grade elementary student named Yuma Ashihara, a test player for the Full Dive VRMMO-RPG Actual Magic (AM) who uses the Monster Tamer class. Towards the end of the playtest, a mysterious red light envelops Yuma’s avatar, causing him to lose consciousness. When he comes to, Yuma discovers that he has been forcibly logged out, and that he is in a “new world” where AM’s setting and reality have merged. Furthermore, Yuma’s classmate Sumika Watamaki, who was also logged out, appears before him with an appearance resembling that of a video game monster.

Aside from Yuma, the other main characters are his twin sister Sawa (a Mage), his best friend Kenji Kondo (a Warrior), and Sawa’s best friend Minagi Sano (a Priest).

A special program for Demons’ Crest will be livestreamed on the Niconico Channel’s Reki Kawahara Channel on September 12 at 7 PM Japan Time.

Source: Press release

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