New UFO Robot Grendizer Project in Development

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Project G, a new project involving the 1975 super robot anime UFO Robot Grendizer, has begun development. The news was announced by Grendizer creator Go Nagai in a video. 

It is not yet stated if the project, which is being overseen by Nagai, will be in the form of a new anime, although Toei Animation‘s name is notably present in the copyright notice. More details are to come in 2023.

Grendizer began as a manga by Nagai, who had previously created the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger Z titles, with Grendizer taking place in the same setting. The Toei Animation-produced adaptation ran from 1975 to 1977 with 74 episodes. Tomoharu Katsumata directed the series with character designs from the late Kazuo Komatsubara and Shingo Araki.

Toei Animation describes Grendizer as:

The Fleed-a planet belonging to nebula of Vega two million light-years away from earth-is destroyed through a fierce attack by the allied forces of Vega. However, the prince of the Fleed narrowly escapes the hot pursuit of the Vega troops and flees from the planet in his own craft-the Grendizer.After ten years’ travel through space he reaches the earth, and comes to know Dr. Umon, a space scientist. The prince names himself Daisuke Umon, and leads a peaceful life as a member of the Umon Family.In the meantime, Vega the Great, whose ambition knows no limits now that he has conquered all the planets in the nebula of Vega, intends to invade our galactic system. He starts his offensive with the earth. Daisuke, Dr. Umon, and his assistant, Koji set themselves against the devils to protect humanity. In this story we see Grendizer acting bravely to encounter the UFO monsters.

Aside from its own series, the titular Grendizer has appeared in titles like UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger and Grendizer, Getta Robot G., Great Mazinger: The Decisive Battle! Huge Sea Animal.

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