Inu-Oh Original Soundtrack Now Available on Musical Platforms

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© 2021“INU-OH” Film Partners

Milan Records has announced that it has released the original soundtrack for Masaaki Yuasa’s Inu-Oh anime film on several music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more. 

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© 2021“INU-OH” Film Partners

The soundtrack features many traditional instrumental score music from the film, as well as glam-rock infused vocal tracks from composer Otomo Yoshihide. Yoshihide collaborated with Inu-Oh voice actors Avu-chan (lead vocalist of the band QUEEN BEE and voice actor for the titular Inu-Oh) and Mirai Moriyama (who voices Tomona/Tomoari) to capture the anachronistic quality of the film’s music for the official soundtrack. The track list consists of several classical Japanese biwa songs to modern rock operettas. 

Avu-chan has also contributed an original song alongside the soundtrack titled “INU-HIME” from their band QUEEN BEE. The track is inspired by Avu-chan’s work on the film and features an accompanying music video featuring Kenjirou Tsuda, who voices Inu-Oh’s father in the film. 

The full 20 track listing for the soundtrack consists of: 

  1. 1. Birth – Otomo Yoshihide
  2. 2. A Thousand Biwa Players – Otomo Yoshihide
  3. 3. Journey – Otomo Yoshihide
  4. 4. Dengaku – Otomo Yoshihide
  5. 5. Masked Creature – Otomo Yoshihide
  6. 6. Growth – Otomo Yoshihide
  7. 7. Encounter – Otomo Yoshihide
  8. 8. Prayer – Otomo Yoshihide
  9. 9. Divine Sword – Otomo Yoshihide
  10. 10. Soliloquy – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan)**
  11. 11. Ghosts of the Heike Clan – Otomo Yoshihide
  12. 12. INU-OH I – Tomoichi (CV: Mirai Moriyama)**
  13. 13. Burial Mound of Arms – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan)**
  14. 14. INU-OH II – Tomoichi (CV: Mirai Moriyama)**
  15. 15. The Whale – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan)**
  16. 16. Viewing the Cherry Blossoms – Otomo Yoshihide
  17. 17. Sinister Designs – Otomo Yoshihide
  18. 18. INU-OH III – Tomoari (CV: Mirai Moriyama)**
  19. 19. Dragon Commander – Inu-oh (CV: Avu-chan) & Tomoari (CV: Mirai Moriyama)**
  20. 20. Ending Theme – Otomo Yoshihide

**Denotes vocal track

Inu-Oh originally made its debut at the 2021 Venice Film Festival and premiered in North American theaters on August 12, 2022 from GKIDS. 

Source: Press Release

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