Genshin Impact Releases Sumeru Anime Trailer

Image source: Genshin Impact YouTube channel

Mihoyo has released an animated promotional video for the Sumeru region. The trailer is narrated by Nahida, the “mysterious girl” that was briefly seen in the third preview teaser for Sumeru.

Kimberley Anne Campbell is the English voice actor for Nahida, while Yukari Tamura voices the character in Japanese. In the trailer, Nahida notes that “Everything in this world runs in a loop… As for the truth… That’s on you to find out.” 

The upcoming character also drops the enigmatic line, “In the end, I’m just the Moon. The real Sun is long gone.”

Aside from Nahida, Tighnari, Collei, Alhaitham, the Traveler (Aether), Paimon, Dori, Cyno, Dehya, and Nilou appear in the trailer.

Sumeru, described as a “nation of flora and foliage” that lies westward of Liyue, will be released with Genshin Impact‘s 3.0 update. The Dendro element will be introduced into the game with the new region. Update 3.0 is speculated to release this month.

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube channel

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