The Vampire Dies In No Time 2 Premieres in January 2023


The second season of The Vampire Dies In No Time is set to begin next January. A key visual and teaser trailer have been released.

It was also announced that Ayumu Murase is joining the cast as Mikazuki.

The Vampire Dies In No Time 2 was announced in December 2021. The other additional cast includes Mariya Ise as Sans and Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kahanshin Tomei. 

The first season premiered in October 2021. The anime is based on the Akita Shoten-published manga by Itaru Bonnoki, which began in 2015 and released its 21st tankoubon volume in June 2022. The manga is serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion and published under the Shonen Champion Comics label. A spin-off manga about the armadillo John began in 2017.

The Vampire Dies In No Time premise involves a vampire hunter named Ronald arriving at the vampire Dracul’s castle to rescue missing children. However, he discovers that the supposedly invincible vampire is actually hilariously weak.


The returning staff for The Vampire Dies In No Time 2 includes Hiroshi Koujina as director, Yukie Sugawara as series composer (now seemingly under a pen name), Mayuko Nakano as character designer and chief animation director, and Asami Kawano as assistant director. Also reprising their roles are Narumi Konno as color designer, Hitomi Yoshida as art director, Yoshio Watanabe as photography director, and Ryou Takahashi as music composer.  Madhouse is the animation production studio.

Meanwhile, the main cast includes Jun Fukuyama as Dracul, Makoto Furukawa as Ronald, and Mutsumi Tamura as John.

Source: The Vampire Dies In No Time website

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