ARCHETYPE: EARTH and More Announced at Fate/Grand Order Festival 2022

Fate Grand Order Festival 2022

Fate/Grand Order Festival 2022 opened the weekend with a livestream to celebrate the 7th anniversary for Fate/Grand Order, marking a significant milestone for the long running and high grossing mobile game. Major announcements at the event included the 5 star servant ARCHETYPE: Earth, the 3 star servant Xu Fu, and a teaser for Lostbelt No. 7.

Most announcements took place during the final panel on Day 2. This was headlined by a violin performance for Fate/Grand Order’s most recent soundtracks from the Lostbelt 6 and Lostbelt 6.5 story arcs.. 

From here, the guests made their appearance on the stage, including Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Ritsuka Fujimaru, Arjuna). Nobunaga — who often shares his passion for the game with cosplay — was dressed up as Arjuna, the Hero from the Mahabharata.


Originally the main heroine of Tsukihime –A piece of blue glass moon, Arcueid made her debut in the FGO game as a 5 star Moon Cancer class with a unique summoning animation.

Her rank EX noble phantasm is known as “Marble Phantasm: Fantasy Manifestation,” and it featured spectacular animations fitting for the princess of the true ancestors.

To go along with Arcueid, the Tsukihime school outfit was added as a mystic code.

Xu Fu

The 3 star Alter Ego class servant was a Chinese alchemist and explorer from the Qin Dynasty. After making their first appearance in the Traum Lostbelt chapter 6.5, Xu Fu is now able to be summoned. 

Lostbelt No. 7

FGO game director Kanou Yoshiki teased fans with a date for the final entry into FGO part 3. December 2022 will be when Lostbelt 7 will be receiving its long-anticipated release date.

Tsukihime-A piece of blue glass moon

The headline announcement was for Tsukihime –A piece of blue glass moon. The recently remade game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch would be on sale for 40% off. Additionally, the ending songs for the game would be released on the Type-Moon YouTube channel on August 1. 


The next announcement would be a global collaboration between Melty Blood: Type Lumina and MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2. Additionally, Melty Blood: Type Lumina would be receiving a story mode update. This is to go along with the newly announced free DLC character Neco-Arc (Carnival Phantasm) and Mash Kyrielight (Fate/Grand Order), along with 2 unannounced characters. To top this off, Melty Blood: Type Lumina will be on sale with 35% discount on all platforms.

More information about Tsukihime and Melty Blood: Type Lumina will be included in the Type-Moon times on August 8.

Type-Moon Announcements

Fate/Extra Last Encore anime had its Blu-ray OST release date announced for December 14th. 

The new game Fate/Extra Record (a remake of the original Fate/Extra) had a new trailer shown. 

FGO original soundtrack 5 was announced to be available for streaming. 

Game Updates

The game announcements for FGO started with the return of the 10-step campaign from last year. This included 10 game updates such as a login bonus, servant ascension bonuses to total up to 915 Saint Quartz, a free 5 star craft essence out of a pool of seven (including fan favorites Kaleidoscope and Black Grail), and more

Of particular note is the overhaul to the battle system that has been untouched since FGO’s release in 2015. The green “Quick” command card had its starting selection bonus increased to include adding a 20% critical chance to all cards and doubling the quick chain bonus from 10 critical stars to 20. Not stopping at this, an entirely new chain called the “Mighty Chain” was added. This chain occurs when selecting three command cards each of a different class. If a single chain contains all three of the types (one Quick, one Arts, and one Buster), each of the cards will apply an appropriate bonus for the class selected. The FGO community has quickly dubbed this the “Rainbow Meta.

As always, the guaranteed SSR gacha returns with its new class based setup. Players will be able to roll for any 5 star limited servant by choosing 1 of the 2 gacha pools for each class. Along with this you will be guaranteed to roll a limited 4 star character. 

Other announcements included the return of previously event limited spiriton dresses for Shiki Ryougi, Mysterious Heroine X, Illyasviel Von Einzbern, and Summer Musashi Miyamoto via the Da Vinci shop. Furthermore, full screen support was added for 28 new servants.

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile gatcha game released in 2015 under Aniplex. The game was originally developed by Delightworks, which has since rebranded itself as Lasengle.

Source: Fate/Grand Order Festival 2022 (as translated by KitaSean)

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