France Gets Anime Ad from Director of Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Image source: YouTube channel

Earlier this week, the Tourist Office of France’s YouTube channel released an animated tourism commercial titled Anata no France wa donna Tokoro? (What kind of place is your France?). The video follows several Japanese people — two female college friends, a couple, and a family — who are visiting the country.

Featured in the commercial are locations like Rue Montorgueil, Rouen, the Paris Philharmonic, Pays d’Auge, Château de Villandry, and Mont-Saint-Michel. also released “Family Trip,” “Couple’s Trip,” “Girl’s Trip,” “Loire,” “Paris,” and “Normandy” versions of the ad.

Anata no France wa donna Tokoro? is directed by Ryotimo, the director and character designer of Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta. Ryotimo also designed the characters and served as animation director. 

Studio Daisy, which Ryotimo previously worked with on the Yoru no Kuni web anime, produced the commercial. Masao Shimizu (Fanfare of Adolescence ending animation storyboarder and director) was involved as storyboarder, sub-director, and more. The Studio Daisy Twitter account revealed that many of Yoru no Kuni‘s staff worked on this new project.

Sources: YouTube channel, @ryo_timo, @msosmz

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