Trailer for Utano Princesama Starish Tours Special Released


The Utano Princesama Maji Love Starish Tours ~Tabi no Hajimari~ TV special has received a 40-second trailer ahead of its July 31 Japanese release. The trailer features the song “Journey” by Mamoru Miyano.

The special will connect the upcoming Gekijouban Utano Princesama Starish: Maji Love Tours movie, which releases in Japan on September 2, with the previous Maji Love Kingdom movie. Like Maji Love Tours, the main staff of Maji Love Tours ~Tabi no Hajimari~ includes Chika Nagaoka (Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, Utano Princesama Legend Star assistant director) as director, Maki Fujioka (Utano Princesama Legend Star) as character designer and chief animation director, Chinatsu Kurahashi as original character designer, and Elements Garden as the music composer. A1-Pictures is the animation production company.

Utano Princesama began in 2010 as a PSP female-oriented male idol-themed AVG game. Multiple titles have been released since, with the Nintendo Switch version of 2015’s Utano Princesama All Star After Secret set to launch on December 12 in Japan. The series has also become a media-mix franchise with drama CDs, stage plays, anime, and more. The first anime was 2011’s Utano Princesama Maji Love 1000%.

Play Asia describes the original game as:

Find a boy and shape him into an idol. Saotome Gakuen is a school for all aspiring idols and performance artist. You are Nanami Haruka, one of the talented composers who squeezed into the school. All these school idols have a one purpose, they are to sign with a production company and debut.Find the voice who could bring out the life in your songs. All the boys are potential stars, you have to draw out their full potential and their soft sides. Voiced by famous seiyuus such as Taniyama Kishou and Miyano Mamoru, these boys will not let you down.

Source: KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE Official Channel

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