Tokyo Mew Mew New LED Lamps Up for Pre-Order

PONY CANYON is currently taking orders for a series of Tokyo Mew Mew New LED Lamps (dubbed “Otaku Lamps”). The order period will end on July 27 at 11:59 PM JST.

The 4000 yen (~US$28.96) laser-engraved lamps come in five designs to represent Mew Mews Ichigo Momomiya, Mint Aizawa, Lettuce Midorikawa, Purin Fong, and Zakuro Fujiwara respectively. The LEDs each boast 16 colours as well as options like flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. 

The Tokyo Mew Mew New Otaku Lamps have black bases and come in varying dimensions depending on the character, with heights ranging from 20 to 25 cm. A controller for the LEDs and a USB cable are included. The lamps can also be used wirelessly with 3 x AA batteries, but those have to be bought separately.

Pony Canyon is also taking orders for a 35cm×85cm Tokyo Mew Mew New LED Neon Light that costs 73,000 yen (~US$528.71). The Neon Light sports the anime’s logo and comes with a 12V power block and mounting brackets. 

The Otaku Lamps will be released in mid-September, while the Neon Light will be released in early-September. Actual delivery dates will vary slightly based on region. The Pony Canyon store notes that service will be unavailable in Belarus, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation. 

Source: Press release

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