Living In A World Without Magic Indie Anime Music Video Released

Image source: Euluca Lab. YouTube channel

The Mahou no Nai Sekai de Ikiru to Iu Koto/Living In A World Without Magic indie anime music video, which received a trailer in May, was released last week on July 1. The song used in the video was made available on streaming platforms the following day.

The seven-minute video is the graduation project of Twitter user @SuperciderX, or Akiwashi. They handled the directing, scriptwriting, character designs, animation, backgrounds, 3DCG , and compositing for the project. Euluca Lab. is credited with the music and production, while MARUMOCHI LABEL is credited for the sound production.

Music artist philo is the vocalist for the music video’s song. She is also involved with the voice-acting alongside Natsuki Hanae.

Living In A World Without Magic is described as a story that connects “the present with a world that certainly existed.” A “rough animation” that revolves around the past of the witches from the music video will be released sometime this year.

Source: Euluca Lab. YouTube channel

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