Teppen!!! Comedy Anime Will Not Air 2nd Episode

Teppen—!!! key visual feature image
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The currently ongoing Teppen!!! comedy anime will not air its second episode on July 9 due to “various reasons.” The first episode will be re-aired in its place, and the anime will proceed with its third episode on July 16.

The announcement comes after former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died after being shot today while giving a stump speech. While the synopsis of the second episode was not available on the anime’s website at the time of writing, a screencap from a Twitter user revealed that the episode involved an apparent presidential assassination plan and the characters’ attempt to foil it.

Teppen—!!! is based on the manga written by Inujun and drawn by Namamugi. The story sees two reunited childhood friends, who used to perform as a comedy duo, joining forces with a third girl in an attempt to win the Teppen Grand Prix and become top comedians. Seiyuu Sanshimai “Team Y,” a YouTube channel and seiyuu unit, was involved in crafting the story as well.

Source: @teppen_anime

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