J-Novel Club Releases 11 New Titles & Announces Sol Press License Rescues At Anime Expo 2022

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At its Anime Expo 2022 industry panel, J-Novel Club has announced that it has released 11 new light novel and manga titles on its digital publishing service, as of July 1, 2022. More chapters for each series will be updated in the coming weeks on their website. 

The company also announced that it will release seven more light novel titles from the defunct Sol Press on its website at an unspecified later date. They include: 

  • • Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?! (story by Nuko Nekomata, art by teffish)
  • • Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy (story by Hayaken, art by Hika Akita)
  • • Battle Divas (story by Kouka Kishine, art by Ao Nekonabe)
  • • Strongest Gamer – Let’s Play in Another World (story by Shinobu Yuki, art by Itsuwa Katou)
  • • I Surrendered My Sword for a New Life as a Mage (story by Shin Kouzuki, art by necomi)
  • • Let This Grieving Soul Retire! (story by Tsukikage, art by Chiiko)
  • The GM Has Logged Into Another World (story by Akatsuki, art by Merontomari and yuui)

Here are the full details about their new light novel releases: 

Their first new release is Ryuu Nakajima’s Re:RE — Reincarnator Executioner, which will have the first two parts of volume one available on their website. The light novels were first published in 2021 by Overlap Bunko with two total volumes released. Nakajima is the writer for the series while Nokito provides illustrations. 

Re:RE — Reincarnator Executioner is being translated by Joshua Douglass-Molloy and edited by Sarah Tilson

The romantic comedy villainess series Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke is written by Ichibu Saki and illustrated by Nemusuke. Saki first published the light novels on December 10, 2020 under the MAG Garden Novels imprint. Three physical volumes have been published in total so far. 

Andrew Schubauer is translating the light novel series into English. Casey Pritt is editing the light novels. 

Yuri Tama: From Third Wheel to Trifecta is a yuri romantic comedy light novel series written by toshizou and illustrated by Kuro Shina. The series was first published on November 25, 2021 under the Overlap Bunko imprint, with two volumes released as of July 2022. 

Tristan K. Hill is the translator for Yuri Tama: From Third Wheel to Trifecta and Alexandra Fresch serves as editor. 

The first two parts of Yashiro-kun’s Guide to Going Solo’s first volume is now available to read on J-Novel Club’s website. The series is written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Kou Kusaka. It was first published by Overlap Bunko in 2021 with a single volume released so far. 

The light novel is being translated by Andria Cheng-McKnight and edited by Austin Conrad. 

The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom is an epic fantasy light novel series written by Fudeorca and illustrated by toi8. It was first published in 2020 by Overlap Novels, with five volumes published in total. The first three parts of volume one can now be read on the website. 

Shaun Cook is translating the light novels into English and Maral RahmanPour is in charge of editing, 

Another light novel series J-Novel Club has released is the Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon: My Trusted Companions Tried to Kill Me, But Thanks to the Gift of an Unlimited Gacha I Got LVL 9999 Friends and Am Out For Revenge on My Former Party Members and the World. The light novels are written by Meikyou Shisui and illustrated by tef. It was first published in 2021 by HJ Novels, with four physical volumes released in total. 

Gad Onyeneho is the English translator for the series while SMR handles the editing, 

Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade is a fantasy light novel series written by Maito Ayamine and illustrated by Cierra. It was first published by Overlap Bunko on July 25, 2018 with five total volumes released so far. 

The series is translated into English by Sylvia Gallagher and edited by Kea Zertuche

Seventh is an action fantasy light novel series written by Yomu Mishima and illustrated by Tomozo. The series was first published on December 28, 2015 under the Hero Bunko imprint. The light novels most recently concluded in 2020 with 10 total volumes released. 

Alyssa Niioka is translating the light novels into English and Suzanne Seals is in charge of the editing. 

Dungeon Dive: Aim for the Deepest Level is an RPG-style fantasy light novel series written by Tarisa Warinai and illustrated by Saki. The light novels were first published by Overlap Bunko on July 24, 2014. Around 13 total physical volumes have been published in total so far. 

Giuseppe Di Martino is translating the series into English while Tess Nanavati is handling the editing work. 

Fans of Full Metal Panic! can enjoy reading some extra content from the series, with the English release of the Full Metal Panic! Short Stories light novel collection. The short stories are written by Shouji Gatoh and illustrated by Shikidouji. It was first published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko from May 30, 1998 to January 20, 2010. Nine volumes collecting 51 total chapters have been released. 

Elizabeth Ellis is translating the short stories while Dana Allen is in charge of editing. The main Full Metal Panic light novel series can also be read from J-Novel Club’s digital library. 

One last title J-Novel Club has released on their website is the manga adaptation of Kenichi’s Isekai Tensei: Recruited to Another World light novels. Shibanobancha is handling the artwork on the manga series, based off of original light novel illustrator Nem’s character designs. The manga was first serialized in MAGCOMI magazine on August 25, 2018. Four tankoubon volumes have been published in total so far. 

Andria Cheng-McKnight is translating the manga into English. She also translates the original light novels. Momo is editing the manga and Giuseppe Anteppe Fusco is handling the lettering. 

Source: J-Novel Club

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