WIT STUDIO Launches Kickstarter To Fund Promotional Activities

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WIT STUDIO has launched a crowdfunding project via Kickstarter with a goal of ~US$37,004, which will be used to fund the “production and construction costs necessary to promote WIT STUDIO at anime and Japan-related events around the world.”

The page for the Kickstarter project, dubbed WIT STUDIO to the WORLD!!, lists online talk shows, sending staff to other countries, and overseas PR booth exhibitions as examples of the types of activities that will be funded. It also stated:

“Other than [the] above, we will plan and develop overseas activities with the support funds. Any ideas from backers are always welcome!

“The funds will be used to cover streaming event production cost, translation and subtitling of archived footage videos, team transportation expenses to events, designing costs, additional project implementation expenses, and reward production costs.”

The lowest pledge tier costs 700 yen (~US$6), while the highest will set backers back 1 million yen (~US7,401). The lower tiers include rewards such as access to a Discord channel, having your name on the WIT STUDIO website, a digital message card, and access to an online talk event (streamed in Japanese) with CEO George Wada, producer Tetsuya Nakatake, Pyscho Pass and Attack on Titan character designer Kyoji Asano, and “the production staff.” 

The 7th and 10th tiers will let supporters visit WIT STUDIO, with the latter including a hand-drawn portrait of the supporters and dinner with Wada, Nakatake, and Asano among the rewards. The former, on the other hand, offers various Vampire in the Garden and Bubble-related rewards. In both cases, the rewards will not cover the transportation and lodging fees for the WIT STUDIO visit.

As for the rationale behind this crowdfunding project and its focus on promotion, the WIT STUDIO to the WORLD!! Kickstarter page claimed that “it seems not many people know about us as an animation studio” and added:

“We have a strong desire to bring our content to anime fans around the globe. Although there were opportunities to communicate with fans at physical events in Japan, we would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary by letting anime fans around the world know more about our works and us!

“We truly need your support to boost the studio recognition!!”

Wit Studio was founded in June 2012. It is a subsidiary of IG Port alongside studios like Production I.G (of which Wada became president of recently) and Signal.MD. Some of the shows the studio has produced include the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, Hal, The Rolling GirlsKabaneri of the Iron Fortress, After the Rain, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, The Girl from The Other Side, Bubble, Vampire in the Garden, Pokémon: Hisuian Snow, and the Cloverworks co-production Spy x Family

Update: Added some information about the new “Visit WIT STUDIO!! +VG&Bubble” tier and the WIT Studio trip reward’s transportation and lodging fees.

Sources: @WIT_STUDIO, WIT STUDIO to the WORLD!! Kickstarter

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