Media Do International Adds Exclusive Koubunsha BL Manga Titles on NetGallery Digital Reading Platform

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© Koubunsha / Sachi Murakami

Media Do International, the U.S. based subsidiary of Japan’s largest eBook distribution company Media Do Co., has announced that it has released more than 20 exclusive Boys-Love (BL) digital manga titles from publisher Koubunsha. These titles will be made available for the first time in English on the NetGallery reading platform. 

The English language version of these BL manga titles are being produced by Media Do International and the content is rated for readers aged 18 and older.


The first 10 titles available in June include:

  • • A Story of Love That I Do Not Know (Sachi Murakami)
  • • Your Treacle Affects At Night (Sachi Murakami)
  • • Love Patisserie (Anna Hanamaki)
  • • My Beloved Lord (Haruka Komusubi)
  • • Stalemate (Toomi Aoyama)
  • • Mahjong Parlor of Love (Meteo Hoshiduki)
  • • Professor Strangelove (Tomoei Sasahara)
  • • Legend of Mad BL Momotaroh (Art by Tomoei Sasahara, Story by Ume Yamada)
  • • Wolf and Little BL Red Hood (Art by Kotaro Kobayashi, Story by Ume Yamada)
  • • This Onmyoji is Bad News (Art by Hiroshi Asagi, Story by Touka Namimaki)

Free preview chapters of select BL manga can now be read for a limited time on NetGallery. Additional titles will be released on the platform later this year. 

Media Do International encourages readers to leave reviews for their BL manga titles and be automatically entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 illustrated shikishi artboards. Each of these artboards are personally autographed by BL manga creators Haruka Komusubi, Sachi Murakami, and Tomoei Sasahara.

  • haruka komusubi shikishi artboard
  • sachi murakami shikishi artboard
  • chie sasahara shikishi artboard

NetGalley, a division of Media Do International, is a digital reading platform that helps publishers and authors promote book review copies to advocates and industry professionals. You will need to register a free account on the website first to access and read the BL manga titles.  

Source: Press Release

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