KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE Begins 24/365 Anime Song Streaming Project

KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE has announced the start of a 24/365 anime song streaming project called Anileap, which will stream songs on YouTube LIVE. It is described as a project “which aims to create a community where everyone in all generations in the entire world can enjoy anime songs casually.”

The project features opening and ending songs, both old and new, “chosen carefully from the KING RECORD archive.” A beta livestream began on June 27 at 10AM Japan time.

The songs used for the project include Nana Mizuki‘s “ETERNAL BLAZE,” Yui Horie‘s “Love Destiny,” angela‘s “Shangri-La,” Megumi Hayashibara‘s “Soul Salvation,” and Ritsuko Okazaki‘s “For Fruits Basket.” They have been released on Spotify and various other streaming services as a playlist as well.

KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE also announced that animation art project NOSTALOOK, which produces animation reminiscent of 70s to 90s style anime, and contemporary design studio we+ are “joining as the creator[s] of the world of ‘Anileap’.“ The stream features original animation from the former, in which “a girl named ‘Leap’ travels in universe and listens to the anime songs when she is inside of the spaceship.”

The press release added that there will be “more exciting projects to come.”

Source: Press release

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