DanMachi – Memoria Freese Releases New Scenario From LN’s Author

The DanMachi – Memoria Freese mobile game has released a new scenario written by Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? author Fujino Omori as part of Part 1 of its celebration of the Japanese version’s fifth anniversary. Titled “Knights of Fianna” (or “Great Tale Knights of Fianna -Knight’s Glory-” in full), the scenario features Fianna (Maaya Uchida), the goddess of the Pallums, as the protagonist.

The fully voiced scenario “depicts the trajectory of mankind’s first arrival at the Great Hole” and includes Ryulu (Saori Hayami), Felice (Konomi Kohara), Helga (Ayaka Suwa), Lazar (Haruki Ishiya), and Melia (Yuka Nukui) among the cast. The synopsis describes it as:

Long ago, before the arrival of the gods

A time when monsters came out of the great hole and roamed the earth

It has been ten years since the clown danced and the ship of heroes sailed off—

Among the many heroes, there were ‘the little ones’

They are the Knights of Fianna

People praised them They were the Royal Spear

The world praised them They were the Saviors of the Land

This is about the tracks left by the knights that lived through the Age of Heroes with bravery

and a story about the false knight that was entrusted with the saint’s will.

“Knights of Fianna” is accompanied by a host of other features and rewards for the DanMemo (JP) 5th Anniversary Project. They include a 4★[Dreamer] Dim login bonus, a giveaway of up to 10,000 Iris for logging in and participating in the login bonuses across the three parts of the anniversary, and a Daily Free 11 Draw Gacha campaign where players can draw once per day throughout its duration. 12 campaigns including “Lotto Orario” and “Knights of Fianna Gacha 4★ Unit Rates Doubled” are featured as well.

Additionally, clearing Knights of Fianna on normal will reward players with a “Is It Wrong for All of the 11 Draw to be 4★ Units” gacha ticket with all 11 slots being 4★ Unit Guaranteed.

The full details on the DanMemo (JP) 5th Anniversary Project can be found on DanMachi – Memoria Freese‘s website.

Source: Press release

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