Animated Music Video for Nornis Vtuber Unit’s 1st Original Single Released

Image source: Nijisanji YouTube channel

An animated music video for “Abyssal Zone,” the first original single of Nijisanji’s new Nornis VTuber unit, has been released.

The “Abyssal Zone” video is directed, composited, and animated by Riri Yamashita, who also worked on last month’s music video for Kaida Haru‘s (also of Nijisanji) “Toumeina Shinzouga Naiteita.” Some of Yamashita’s other music video credits include Nijisanji’s Kuzuha‘s “Amagami,” Hololive’s Minato Aqua‘s “I Wanna,” and mafumafu‘s “Kamisama no Idenshi.” 

Video producer and graphic designer Tohru Mitsuhashi is credited with the plot and background CG.

Nornis consists of Chima Machita, Inui Toko, and Akane Asahina. The unit began their activities on June 23, with “Abyssal Zone” released via download and streaming on the same date with English and instrumental versions. 

“Unlike previous NIJISANJI songs, ‘Abyssal Zone’ is a majestic song that expresses a slightly dark and magical world,” reads Nijisanji’s announcement. “The song showcases a new side of the members, as their angelic voices harmonize with the orchestral music. The girls also take on the challenge of singing in English, which is one of the highlights of the song.”

Chima hinted at more English singing from the unit, saying in a message, “As Nornis, the three of us will do our best to bring you wonderful songs. We will also be working on our English singing too!”

The members of Nornis have previously posted cover songs during their solo activities. Nijisanji says that the group “began their activities… with the hope of delivering a harmony that is unique to them.” A visual of the unit has been released.

Sources: Nijisanji YouTube channel, press release

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