EJ Anime Hotel Announces Backflip!! Movie Collaboration Room

To celebrate the release of the Backflip!! movie in July, EJ Anime Hotel and Hotel Monterey will hold a Backflip!! movie collaboration, with the hotels hosting themed rooms inspired by the movie from July 1 to September 30. Reservations were opened on June 1.

The EJ Anime Hotel Backflip!! movie collaboration will feature Ao High School boys’ gymnastics team members  Futaba, Misato, and Mashiro dressed in hotel staff attire and themed paraphernalia. There will also be original in-room voice over dialogue, an AR smartphone app for selfie-taking with Backflip!! Characters, and mini-games to play through the hotel’s supplied smartphone.

Completing the mini-game missions will unlock more dialogue and, eventually, an original postcard. After their stay, customers can take home hotel-exclusive goodies featuring designs of the characters, including a day bag, porch, drink canister, and an EJ Anime Hotel exclusive apron.

Meanwhile, Hotel Monterey’s Backflip!! collaboration will feature a portion of the original in-room voice over dialogue featured in EJ Anime Hotel, as well as take-home goods like a day bag, porch, drink canister, and a Hotel Monterey-exclusive drink tumbler. Hotel Monterey will have collaboration rooms in Sendai, Ginza (Tokyo), Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Outside of the hotel rooms, EJ Anime Hotel is also collaborating with Da Vinci Store (Tokorozawa Sakura Town) and Narita Anime Deck (Narita International Airport T2) to sell Backflip!! movie collaboration goods from July 1 to September 30. Some of the goods feature Futaba, Misato, and Mashiro, while others feature Futaba and Misato along with the other members of the Ao High School boys’ gymnastics club. A random polaroid-style card will be given for every 3000 yen (~US$22.03) spent on Backflip!! products.

Below are the EJ Anime room details as detailed by the press release. The website lists two room options, Deluxe and Superior, for the collaboration:

・Price: From ¥21,900/pp per night (tax & service fee included)

・Max occupancy: Up to 3 people, depending on room type

・Reservations open: 6/1/2022 (Fri)

・Stay period: 7/1/2022 (Fri) – 9/30/2022 (Fri)

・Booking type: Reservations only

・Meals: Breakfast only

・Check-in: 16:00

・Check-out: 10:00

・Reservation URL: https://tokorozawa-sakuratown.com/hotel/plan/bakuten.html

Source: Press Release

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