Tomodachi Game Is Getting Another Live-Action Treatment

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The Tomodachi Game manga is getting a new live-action adaptation, following a four-episode TV drama and two-part movie in 2017. The new adaptation is a TV drama titled Tomodachi Game R4 that will premiere on July 23 on TV Asahi.

Tomodachi Game R4 sports a cast composed of members from the Johnny’s Jr. units Bishonen and HiHi Jets. The cast includes Hidaka Ukisho as Yuuichi Katagiri, Ryuuga Satou as Tenji Mikasa, Mizuki Inoue as Makoto Shibe, Fujii Naoki as Kei Shinomiya, Taisho Iwasaki as Juzo Kadokura, Soya Igari as Hyakutaro Onigawara, Issei Kanasashi as Chisato Hashiratani, and Yuuto Nasu as Banri Niwa.

Copyright© tv asahi All rights reserved.

The show’s directors are Takurou Oikawa (The High School Heroes co-director), Hajime Takezono (The High School Heroes andMokomi: Kanojo Chotto hen Dakedo co-director), and Kamada Toshiaki (Mokomi: Kanojo Chotto hen Dakedo co-director). Takuji Higuchi (Rikon no Futari) and Shinya Hokimoto (Chijou no Seppun) are the scriptwriters.

Tomodachi Game is based on the Kodansha-published manga written by Mikoto Yamaguchi and drawn by Yuuki Satou, which began in 2013 and has 20 tankoubon volumes as of April 2022. The story involves a group of friends being forced to participate in a mysterious debt-clearing game. The trick to clearing the game is to not doubt each other, but what should have been an easy game as long as there’s friendship soon turns into a psychological battle.

The manga is serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shounen Magazine and published under the Kodansha Comics Magazine label. An anime adaptation premiered on April 5.

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