Viz Media Announces Spring 2023 Releases For Tatsuki Fujimoto Short Story Collections, Insomniacs After School, Helck, & More

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Viz Media has announced a slate of new books from some very high profile manga artists. All titles are set for release sometime this Spring 2023. Some of them include new short story collections from both Tatsuki Fujimoto and Junji Ito, a series from Spy x Family’s Tatsuya Endo, new art books from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Haikyu!!, and many more. 

Here is a full list of their upcoming releases for Spring 2023: 

Two short story anthologies collecting the early works of Chainsaw Man’s Tatsuki Fujimoto will be released in English for the first time. According to Viz, the first volume, Tatsuki Fujimoto Before Chainsaw Man: 17-21, will feature alien invasions, high school romances, and bloody vampire action. The second volume, Tatsuki Fujimoto Before Chainsaw Man: 22-26, will include stories about killer mermaids, gender-swapping, and an evil little sister with the power to end the world. 

The two anthology collections were originally published in Japan in October and November 2021 respectively. 

Mieri Hiranishi’s autobiographical manga The Girl That Can’t Get A Girlfriend follows the titular creator’s attempts to find the perfect short-haired girlfriend of her dreams. The webcomic series is one of the first under the Viz Originals label and will be published in physical form for the first time for English readers. The series can also be read on Webtoon. 

Hiranishi made a special video announcing her work with Viz, as well as introducing herself on her YouTube channel. 

Another manga series that Viz Media will release in English is Makoto Ojiro’s Insomniacs After School. The series recently announced that it will receive an anime television series from Liden Films in 2023. A Japanese live-action film adaptation of the manga is also in development. 

Ojiro first launched the seinen manga series in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits on May 20, 2019. Nine tankobon volumes have been released in total so far. 

The sketch comedy manga series Show-Ha Shoten! will also be released by Viz for the first time in English. It is written by Akinari Asakura and illustrated by Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Platinum End). The manga debuted on October 4, 2021 in Shueisha’s monthly Jump Square magazine. Two tankoubon volumes have been released in total so far. 

Nanaki Nanao’s Helck manga series tells the tale of a powerful human hero who aims to be the strongest demon lord. It was first published in Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website and MangaOne app from May 5, 2014 to December 18, 2017. The series will be released for the first time in English and has an anime adaptation in the works

Helck has also inspired a prequel and spinoff manga series respectively. 

Uoyama’s Love’s in Sight is about the sweet romance between a tough delinquent and an equally resilient visually impaired girl, whom he has a crush on. The manga series was first published on January 23, 2019 in Media Factory’s Comic Cune magazine. Eight tankoubon volumes have been published in total. 

One of Tatsuya Endo’s previous works, Tista, will also be released by Viz in English for the first time. The gritty manga series follows the exploits of a reclusive university student, who moonlights as a notorious sniper assassin to save her loved ones.

Endo first serialized Tista from November 4, 2007 to August 4, 2008 in Shueisha’s monthly Jump SQ magazine. Two tankoubon volumes collecting nine total chapters have been published and released. 

Momoko Koda’s shoujo manga series My Special One follows a girl who has sworn off beautiful guys, only to catch the attention of a handsome pop star. Koda first published the manga in Shueisha’s monthly Bessatsu Margaret magazine on March 13, 2019. Four tankoubon volumes of the manga have been released so far. 

Another manga series that will be released is Ayashimon by Yuji Kaku. The short-lived manga series ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from November 15, 2021 to May 30, 2022. Two tankoubon volumes have been in total so far. 

Kaku’s previous manga series, Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku, will receive an anime television series from MAPPA.

Ryou Minenami’s psychological drama Boy’s Abyss manga series follows a teenage boy’s time in a dead-end town, marred by selfish adults, betrayal, and dangerous obsessions. The series was first published in Weekly Young Jump magazine on February 27, 2020, with eight tankoubon volumes released as of June 17, 2022. 

Junji Ito makes his return to North American bookshelves with a new short story collection called Tombs: Junji Ito Story Collection. The highlighted story of the collection will follow a bizarre town that has tombstones lined up in rows.

Sui Ishida’s Choujin X manga series is the latest work from the Tokyo Ghoul creator. The manga is currently serialized on both the Tonari no Young Jump website and the Manga Plus app. It was first published on May 10, 2021 and has released three tankoubon volumes in total so far.

The baseball manga series Nine Dragon’s Ball Parade is the only Viz Digital exclusive announced from the company. The series ran in Weekly Shonen Jump and the Shonen Jump+ app from February 15, 2021 to July 4, 2021. Three tankoubon volumes collecting 20 chapters have been released in total. 

Viz Media also announced the release of two artbooks from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Haikyu!!

The Art of Demon Slayer, by series creator Koyoharu Gotouge, collects beautiful artwork from their main manga series. 

Meanwhile, a deluxe artbook of Haruichi Furudate’s Haikyu!! manga series will showcase a variety of illustrations related to his work. 

Lastly, fans of the Disney and Pixar feature film Turning Red can look forward to a manga spinoff about the film’s in-universe boyband 4*Town. Turning Red: 4*Town 4*Real will take a look behind the music of one of the most popular fictional boy bands. 

The story will be written by comic creator Dirchansky and illustrated by artist KAIfee.

Source: Viz Media

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