Hololive Alternative Releases 2nd Anime Teaser Trailer

The Hololive Alternative project has released its second anime teaser trailer, which features the song “story time” by the group Star Flower. Star Flower consists of Hoshimachi Suisei, AZKi, Moona Hoshinova, and IRyS.

The new trailer is directed and storyboarded by Takahiro Okawa (Aikatsu Planet! Episode 11 animation storyboarder) with Yuukei Yamada (Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2 key animator, Hololive Alternative 1st teaser trailer animation director et al.) as chief animation director. 

Stella Road’s Naomi Nakano (Hololive Alternative 1st teaser trailer, Chainsaw Man), Yui Itou (Eve “YOKU” music video), and Nagisa Abe (Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island) are credited with the color designs, while Daisuke Chiba (Eve “YOKU” music video) is credited with the compositing. 

Hololive Alternative‘s second teaser comes over a year after the first teaser from May 2021. It was originally estimated to be released between late March and early April of this year.

Hololive Alternative is described as involving the creation of “an alternative world” and “another possibility for hololive.” During January’s Holotalk live show, Vtuber Kiara Takanashi called it a “media franchising project” that allows fans to see how the Hololive members “might be spending their lives outside of streaming.”

Outside of the anime teaser trailers, the project has also seen the release of Twitter comics.

Source: hololive ホロライブ – VTuber Group YouTube channel

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