Futoku no Guild TV Anime Adaptation Airs October 2022

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©河添太一/SQUARE ENIX・「不徳のギルド」製作委員会

The television anime adaptation of Taichi Kawazoe’s manga series Futoku no Guild is scheduled to air in October 2022. The production team released a new teaser visual featuring some of the main characters in the show as well as a voice cast list. 

The main voice cast will consist of Katsumi Fukuhara as Kikuru Madan, Karin Isobe as Hitamu Kyan, Ayano Shibuya as Maidena Ange, You Taichi as Tokishikko Dana, Yuna Kamakura as Hanabata Norkins, and Saho Shirasu as Noma Rune. 

futoku no guild teaser visual
©河添太一/SQUARE ENIX・「不徳のギルド」製作委員会

An anime adaptation was first confirmed this past March with an initial studio and production staff. They include Takuya Asaoka (Redo of Healer) as director, Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (In the Land of Leadale) as series screenwriter, and Hiraku Kaneko (Queen’s Blade) as character designer. 

The Futoku no Guild manga series was first serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Shounen Gangan magazine on June 12, 2017. Nine tankoubon volumes have been published in total so far. 

futoku no guild anime key visual
©Taichi Kawazoe/SQUARE ENIX

Anime News Network describes the manga series as: 

Kikuru Madan is a skilled hunter who has decided to retire out of fear of wasting his youth. One day, a guild staff member suggests that he go on a quest with a new female martial artist named Hitamu Kyan. However, she keeps getting hit by monsters one after another.

Source: Futoku no Guild Official Anime Website

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