Teppen—!!! Anime To Premiere on July 2

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The upcoming Teppen—!!! anime has received a Japanese premiere date of July 2. The announcement was made via a video message from WORLD SMILE‘s Sekai Kara no Surprise Douga service. 

It was also announced that an advance screening of the first three episodes will take place on June 25 at Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema. The advance screening will include a talk show segment featuring the main cast, chief director, and producer.

The “adolescent girls comedy” is based on the manga written by Inujun and drawn by Namamugi. The story sees two reunited childhood friends, who used to perform as a comedy duo, joining forces with a third girl in an attempt to win the Teppen Grand Prix and become top comedians. Seiyuu Sanshimai “Team Y,” a YouTube channel and seiyuu unit, was involved in crafting the story as well.

Teppen—!!!‘s staff includes Shinji Takamatsu (RoboHachi director) as chief director, Toshinori Watanabe (Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement) as director, Jun Kumagai (Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement) as series composer and scriptwriter, and Yoshiyuki Ohkubo (Vlad Love co-character designer) as character designer. Drive is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the main cast includes Seiyuu Sanshimai “Team Y” members Ayasa ItouAimi, and Mikoi Sasaki as the Young YY trio Yayoi Sakamoto, Yomogi Takahashi, and Yuzu Hosono respectively.

The Teppen—!!! manga began in January 2021 and released its second tankoubon volume in January 2022. It is serialized in Monthly Bushiroad and published under the Bushiroad Comics label.

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